Saturday, 9 March 2013

Almost a year

Well, it's nearly a year now since our grand opening and we're pleased with how things are going. We hope you agree that the studio looks pretty good, with our current collection of work - 'Something Old, Something New'. We've had a good response to the exhibition - particularly in the run up to Christmas and we're working on some new paintings for exhibitions coming up this year (watch this space!). 

Just as we'd hoped, the environment has been great for running our weekly workshops. The blend of interesting source material, work in progress and finished work on the walls, has created an inspiring backdrop for some exciting personal creative development. People have been signing up for a series of blocks (hopefully indicating that we're getting something right!) and a really good sense of community and mutual support is developing in the studio. 

We have expanded the range of creative services that we can offer, with graphic design and commercial printing / web design / online and offline marketing services and Adobe Photoshop workshops. We are continuing to develop the printing and publishing service for other artists and providing assistance on setting up blogs, online sales, etc. 

Phil Darby (Forever Frames & Pictures) has had a busy year with plenty of people (including ourselves) coming for framing through Art & Soul - you could say that Phil's business is mounting up! 

So it's all pretty good really and we're very grateful to all of you who have been involved with the Studio so far. Just as a reminder, below is  a summary of the services we provide. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there's something that interests you:

  • Weekly Drawing & Painting workshops by Stephen Ormerod or Michael Howley.
  • A gallery space where you can view/buy the artwork of Stephen, Michael, Gill and Phil.
  • A scanning, printing and publishing service for artists.
  • One to one Adobe Photoshop training sessions.
  • Graphic design and commercial printing / web design / online and offline marketing service.
  • Quality, affordable framing service by Phil Darby (Forever Frames & Pictures).
  • Links to other art related individuals, organisations and events.


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