Monday, 26 December 2011

New Art Venture in Padiham.

Matty by Stephen Ormerod

Stephen Ormerod  and Michael Howley are both professional artists but lack the support of a facility which will enable them to be fulltime fine artists. After a lifetime of looking for ways to achieve this goal they have both developed skills in art practice which can be shared with the wider community. Their vision is to create a hub which not only helps them to be fine artists but also helps others in their pursuit of skills training, facilities and an environment to practice art. Having researched what other artists are doing to achieve this we have come across all kinds of business models, most involve affordable rented space in a shared studio environment within old mill buildings or industrial properties, because of the lower costs involved most of these are badly heated and sometimes damp. They also tend to be closed environments only open to the public on request or open studio days. Looking at our own needs has shown us that a good working space is important to the artist; it needs to be heated, clean and free from damp which with art materials is very important. We also intend to run exhibitions from the new facility to showcase some of the talent we have in this area.

Art & Soul will be a space designed to enable two practicing artists to fully engage with their creativity at the mid-point of their careers. We envisage that the opportunities for working collaboratively within the studio will foster our own personal growth and new directions which can then be shared. We will work with others to ‘free the creative spirit’ through workshops and open studio sessions. The space will provide the resources and opportunity for other Artists to come and work alongside us with gallery/exhibition space throughout the year. Artists and students will have the opportunity to promote their work through the gallery and website and will have access to our art publishing facilities to encourage a greater revenue potential from the art created. We welcome any feedback you wish to post and will answer any questions you may have, we look forward to working with you.  


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